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Immigrating or Studying abroad is exciting as well as challenging. Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for students. They will have the opportunity to interact with the people from different countries, experience the diversities of the new country, new culture, and religion. Most of the students may stay back in that country after their education. Overseas education, whether a semester abroad or a full degree program in another country can be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences in a person's life. There is so much to be gained from experiencing a new culture, facing new challenges, and opening your mind to a whole new world.

International Education is a challenging task. Clear information about the country, the college, and the course is very important. Most of the students only will have information about the colleges and courses provided by the recruitment agencies. Accommodation and initial settlement are another important area of concern. Parents and students are facing lots of difficulties to arrange safe and comfortable accommodation. It is the time of stress and tension.

New immigrants and immigrants relocating from other provinces are facing difficulties such as finding out suitable accommodation, career befitting to their education and experience, bridging courses in Colleges and universities, job referrals, banking services etc. Here is where Abydos Academy steps in to help the immigrants to settle the cities of their choice. We have our dedicated team working in major Canadian cities offering their help wherever you need it.

Abydos Academy helps the students and new immigrants who are planning to come to Canada for higher education or settlement by providing all related services for settling their life in Canada. We provide services like pick up from the airport and arranging accommodation, bank account and credit card services, career guidance, counselling, parent's first contact, and many more. Our services are available in London, Windsor, Chatham-Kent, Niagara, Scarborough, Toronto, Cambridge and Oshawa.

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