We offer tutoring from Grade 1 to 12. Our lessons and practice sessions are based on the Canadian curriculum. We mainly focus on English, Math, and Science subjects for junior to senior classes. The student's ability is assessed with an entry-level examination. Once the knowledge level is assessed, the students are assigned to the tutors, in turn, refresh their knowledge and work on individual needs.

To establish a rapport with what the student is learning from the school, the tutor will assess and follow up with his classroom activities. Every session is activity-oriented where the student must display his knowledge and progress. A student's achievement is reinforced with classroom tests and quizzes.

A tailor-made, customized, and individualized approach to each student's requirement is what we offer where the teacher evaluates the student's progress on a routine basis. The classroom size is kept to a minimal level which promotes individual attention.

Qualified and certified teachers ensure that a student reaches the required proficiency. Curriculum enrichment measures, classroom activities, and regular feedback on student's progress will be the focus.


"The ability to use language and images in rich and varied forms to read, write, listen, view, represent, and think critically about ideas is called literacy. It involves the capacity to access, manage, and evaluate information; to think imaginatively and analytically, and...


Our highly experienced and dedicated teachers make math learning easy and interesting. Both online and in class sessions are available. We use diagnostic tests to understand the level of the child and help will be given to explore their best. A caring and...


We are surrounded by technology and the products of science every day. Teaching the scientific method to students is teaching them how to think, learn, solve problems, and make informed decisions. These skills are integral to every aspect of a student's education and...

ENGLISH, MATH'S & SCIENCE Grade 1 to 12 Students
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